My Promise

If elected, I will pursue very specific objectives as Superintendent of Highways to improve the Department – its functioning, budget and effect on town residents. My platform – and goals within – are organized into three parts as follows:

Responsible Spending

I would like to boldly state up front that there is no magic trick to slashing the town Highway budget. Many built-in costs are fixed and cannot be radically upheaved; for anyone to claim otherwise would be simply wrong  or have a poor understanding of the contracts, laws and policies that dictate operation of the department. However, …

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Effective Relationship with the Town Board and Residents

I will maintain a healthy and productive relationship with the town Board. The success of the Highway Department and the quality of services it provides to residents is dependent on my ability to interact and work with the Board. I do not minimize the importance of this required affiliation. Despite …

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Innovation, Productivity and Morale

I will utilize the invaluable insight provided by those who know the most – our own Highway workers. They are they innovators. They are the ones working intimately each day with the processes, procedures and equipment. They see the flaws and inadequacies with their own two eyes. And many of them are more than willing to share and promote improvement ...

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Next Steps...