Animal Welfare


Our Four-Legged Residents Matter Too

As a candidate for West Seneca Superintendent of Highways, I have several initiatives designed to improve the efficiency, productivity, safety, and overall functioning of the West Seneca Highway Department.

In an effort to be well-informed and engaged, I have had numerous meetings and conversations with local residents and leaders.

I began this process aware that West Seneca residents value many of the high-quality services the Highway Department

provides, such as prompt snow removal and comprehensive garbage collection. Services like this are important to preserve and promote.

I was also aware of criticism surrounding the Department. Residents have been very candid when expressing their concerns to me and I appreciate their insight greatly. However, one concern that arose rather quickly, that I was admittedly not well-aware of, was the functioning of our Animal Control Department.

The initial concern prompted me to reach out to others within the community, and most recently I was able to meet with leaders at the Erie County SPCA at their location housed right here in West Seneca.

All of my research has led me to understand that there are many ways in which I, as potential Highway Superintendent with duties to include the oversight of our Animal and Dog Control Departments, can work to:

  • improve the conditions for animals that find themselves at our facility
  • promote their welfare
  • improve training for employees working directly with these animals
  • better assist residents working to reclaim their animals
  • engage the valuable services of the very SPCA location which sits right within our town’s borders

First, in an effort to promote improved financial efficiency for this department, I have vowed to forego the traditional stipend paid to the sitting Highway Superintendent for oversight of the Dog Control Department. It amounts to about $7,000 per year that I do not feel is an appropriate allocation.

Currently, West Seneca does not partner in any way with the Erie County SPCA. I see this as a huge shortcoming and area for improvement. Partnering will allow us to have a consistent, safe place to transfer our animals after their hold periods with us have expired. It will also allow our employees to have access to educational opportunities from veterinarians and animal care specialists, so that we can know how to best recognize sick or injured animals and expedite their transfer, when necessary. Transfer of an animal from our facility to the SPCA is extremely affordable and the SPCA then assumes the cost for things like vaccines or other necessary health care.

I can also work with New York State to change our policy from a mandated 5-day-hold to a 3-day-hold period. A shorter hold period is economically beneficial to taxpayers and would allow us to provide our animals with faster transfers to a better-equipped facility. At the SPCA, they will receive higher-quality oversight and more interaction, as their facility benefits from staffed medical professionals and numerous volunteers who continuously assist the animals by walking, feeding, socializing, and bonding with them.

Creating a Facebook page and a separate page on the Town’s website, both dedicated solely to the animals that our department takes in, can help expedite the reunification of residents with their animals. This is a free way to spread the word rapidly and spare lost animals additional stress and confusion that comes with being displaced.

Finally, grant money was recently awarded to upgrade and improve our current Animal Control Department facility. This was much-needed and I would be grateful to oversee these improvements as they are being made, ensuring that the updates are maximizing positive effects for the animals housed there.

This summarizes one of my many initiatives as Highway Superintendent, all of which are available on my website: I would encourage you to read about my goals and reach out to me.

I am dedicated to serving all residents of West Seneca – four-legged residents too!